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Contemporary Art Issue / 8 Emerging Abstract Painters To Watch or Collect Now

Eight emerging abstract painters are featured in an online article on Contemporary Art Issue, and I am listed as one of the artists. The brilliant text by Sylvia Walker the curator/assistant director of CAI. Also on YouTube as well. I would be happy if you could visit them.

Online article
‘8 Emerging Abstract Painters To Collect Now’
≡ Contemporary Art Issue - Read online

1. Johnny Abrahams
2. Aron Barath
3. Kathryn MacNaughton 
4. Maya Makino 
5. Marco Reichert 
6. Franziska Reinbothe 
7. Stan Van Steendam 
8. Minh Dung Vu 

Thank you so much to Sylvia Walker, @contemporaryartissue and @cai.gallery for their support.