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Welcome to ‘Catharsis’


CAI Gallery is pleased to present Catharsis, a group exhibition showcasing a selection of seventeen abstract paintings by Aron Barath, Rémy Hysbergue, Alejandro Javaloyas, and Maya Makino. Catharsis is the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions. The term originated in Ancient Greece, and is most commonly used today to refer to an act or process of purification of thoughts and emotions. One can find catharsis in dramaturgy—where an intentional tension is resolved resulting in a feeling of joy; in psychology—where a buried trauma is expressed and brought to consciousness, resulting in an emotional release improving our mental health; and in this case, also in painting.

April 8th - July 9th, 2023
@cai.gallery Online Viewing Room

Aron Barath @aron_barath
Rémy Hysbergue @hysbergueremy
Alejandro Javaloyas @alejandro_javaloyas
Maya Makino @maya_makino_

Thank you very much to CAI director @juliendelagrange_artist, @cai.gallery and @contemporaryartissue team for the great exhibition opportunity.

For a catalogue of the exhibition with available works, please contact @cai.gallery